Chocolate Tour Lake Atitlan – San Juan La Laguna

The key allure of this tour is the hands-on experience in making chocolate from bean to bar. You’ll participate in workshops where they can learn about the ancient practices of chocolate making, using traditional methods and tools. This includes the entire process from roasting the cacao beans to molding the final chocolate product, offering a true artisanal experience.


You’ll gain in-depth knowledge about the historical and cultural significance of chocolate in Guatemala. This includes learning about the Mayan origins of chocolate, traditionally known as the “food of the gods,” and how it was used in various forms by ancient civilizations.


By joining the tour, you can expect a rich sensory experience. You will not only learn about the chocolate-making process but also engage in making your own chocolate creations, which adds a personal touch to this experience.

Get to know the tour

  • Local Bilingual Guide
  • Make your own chocolate creations

Price Per Person

$69.00 $49.00 29% OFF

We recommend booking your tour at least 18 hours in advance for weekdays and 48 hours in advance for weekends


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