Coffee Tour Lake Atitlan

Witness the entire coffee production process. This includes the journey from the coffee bean’s planting to its harvest and the final stages of roasting and packaging. You’ll get to explore lush coffee plantations set against the backdrop of Lake Atitlan and its surrounding volcanoes, providing a scenic and educational outing.


Guides often discuss how these practices affect the flavor and quality of the coffee, giving visitors insight into why Guatemalan coffee is celebrated worldwide​


You will experience the rich cultural heritage associated with Guatemalan coffee. You’ll enjoy the sensory pleasure of fresh coffee aromas during the roasting demonstration and taste the freshly brewed result, which is a highlight for many.

Get to know the tour

  • Local Bilingual Guide
  • Cup of fresh Coffee
  • Extra Coffee
  • Personal expenses

Price Per Person

$65.00 $45.00 30.8% OFF

We recommend booking your tour at least 18 hours in advance for weekdays and 48 hours in advance for weekends


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